A journey in Bone Paleohistology

A PhD thesis of Benjamin Jentgen-Ceschino on sauropod dinosaurs & other animal curiosities.

This website and associated HistoBlog are dedicated not only to bone paleohistology, but also paleontology as a whole. The aim of this project is to reach experts of the field as well as any person willing to learn more about paleontology.


Who am I?

I began studying a bachelor in Geological sciences back in the academic year 2011-2012 in the University of Namur (UNamur), Belgium. After graduating, I moved to the University of Liège (ULiège), Belgium, to follow a master program in Geology (2015-2016). My master thesis was already in the histological field, but applied to dinosaur eggs. Finally, I have been granted a PhD FRIA fellowship (FRS-FNRS, Belgium) end of 2016, and I have been working for almost 4 years in the EDDyLab (ULiège) and the AMGC (Free University of Brussel, VUB, Belgium) as a joint PhD. My PhD thesis is primilarily focused on sauropod bone histology, and more recently focused on dwarfed sauropod species.

The picture on the left was taken by Dr. Thierry Tortosa (Réserve Naturelle Sainte-Victoire, Provence, France) while I was coring a large titanosaur femur for histologic purposes at the Museum of Natural History of Aix-en-Provence, France, back in 2019.

Rapti the Rapetosaurus

HistoLogik's mascot

Let's welcome Rapti, the Rapetosaurus! He is going to be the mascot of HistoLogik website, the blog, communications of social media... in short, he will be an important figure of the project.

You have already met him during the previous Palaeontological Virtual Congress
movements (you can check the Open-access ressources), so he is not unfamiliar with the overall work done here!

He is very friendly! He likes eating, swimwing, and watching movies. He also has a keen on music, and appreciate beer and sake from time to time. Do not hesitate to chat with him!

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TV and radio broadcasts

Publications, talks and projects


Project: bone histology of a small-sized ankylosaur from southern France

Project between the ULiège-VUB and French-Spanish teams.

Publication: Palaeopathology through bone histology in basal sauropods

Jentgen-Ceschino B., Stein K. & Fischer V. (2020). Case study of radial fibrolamellar bone tissues in the outer cortex of basal sauropods, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 375, special volume, 20190143. doi: 10.1098/rtsb.2019.0143


Talk: Palaeopathology through bone histology in basal sauropods

Talk held during the EAVP 2019 in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences about the place of bone histology in palaeopathology.


Project: bone histology of small-sized elephants from Sicilia

Parallel project to sauropod size reduction via bone histology.

Publication: Insular dwarfism determined via bone histology in a Cretaceous titanosaur from Provence

Díez Díaz V., Garcia G., Pereda-Suberbiola X., Jentgen-Ceschino B., Stein K., Godefroit P. & Valentin X. (2018). The titanosaurian dinosaur Atsinganosaurus velauciensis (Sauropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous of southern France: New material,
phylogenetic affinities, and  palaeobiogeographical implications, Cretaceous Research 91, 429-456. doi: 10.1016/j.cretres.2018.06.015

Upcoming years

Project: deeper study of dinosaur eggs (master thesis)

I really hope to continue at some extent what I began in my master thesis as there are many problems in dinosaur eggs including the egg parataxonomy and eggshell growth issues.

Academic formation

EDDyLab (ULiège) & AMGC (VUB) - Belgium

Joint PhD in palaeohistology

My master thesis lead me to consider bone paleohistology in sauropods, under Koen Stein (VUB) and Valentin Fischer (ULiège) supervision. The FRS-FNRS granted me a FRIA fellowship for 4 years, starting in October 2016, and ending in 2020 for a project on sauropod bone histology: 'Walking with terrestrial giants'.

University of Liège (ULiège) - Belgium

Master in Geology

I moved from Namur to Liège to follow a Master in Geology at the University of Liège from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016. My master thesis was already on paleohistology in the EDDyLab (animal paleontology) but applied to dinosaur eggs: 'Late Cretaceous dinosaur eggshells from Romania, France and Argentina: histology, mineralogy and taphonomy'.

University of Namur (UNamur) - Belgium

Bachelor in Geology

I began studying geologic sciences back in the academic year 2011-2012 in Namur, Belgium. My final dissertation to be graduated was on nannofossils from chalk Formations: 'Etude des nannofossiles calcaires du Bassin de Mons (Belgique) du Campanien supérieur des carrières Craibel et de Nouvelles', and was on characterization, diversity, paleoecologic and lithostratigraphical implications, new application of a statistical tool to differenciate chalk Formations from nannofossils.

Distinctions & grants


Jurassic Foundation grant (February 2019)

Grant from the Jurassic Foundation to make possible fieldtrips in Provence and Languedoc-Rouissllon (France) to collect titanosaur bone samples for histologic purposes.


Fondation Bourse et Médaille Clément Guion

Price of the ULiège rewarding the best master thesis of the year in Geology and Geologic Engineering.


FRIA fellowship (FRS-FNRS)

Grant from the FRS-FNRS (Belgium) to promote PhD's in sciences and agronomy, running for 4 years (2016-2020).

Palaeontologic philosophy: the upside-down paradigm


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